Milking Machine Testing

Our Independent Testing will not only check for reliability & performance, but also look for issues that could cause a milk grade, teat damage, mastitis or stray voltage.

Independent Milking Machine Testing

Independent Milking Machine Testing was formed in January 2010. It provided farmers with an independent, honest, and accurate Milking Machine Test. We didn't just perform a milking machine test, but took the test to a whole new level. While testing we are also checking for things that could cause mastitis, high SCC, teat damage or stress in your cows. IMMT became very busy and when we started employing, we started trading under the name of 'DairyTech South'.

So, it's not just a mechanical check, but is a complete performance check. We like to think we are the link between farmers, their cows and vets.

All our Milking Machine Testers are MPTA qualified and experienced.

MPTA Member

The New Zealand Milking and Pumping Trade Assn. Inc is an organization established in 1932 working to bring higher standards for equipment and workmanship to clients in the fields of milk harvesting, pumping and water application.

Independent Milking Machine Testing is a proud member of the 'Milking Pumping Training Association' (MPTA).We can perform a Full Milking Machine Test, Partial Milking Machine Test, Pulsator Test, Vacuum Pump Test, Milking Time Test, Liner Selection Check, or a Stray Voltage Test.