Pumps & Plumbing

DairyTech South service all major brands of water pumps & can supply Grundfos, DAB, Davey & Calpeda Water Pumps. Plumbing, dosing & filtration also available.

We Supply and Service all major brands


We can service, maintain and repair most major brands of water pumps. Whether it's a House Pump, Farm Supply Pump, Cooler Pump, Vat Wash Pump, Wash down Pump, Bore Pump, Effluent Pump or anything in between, we can sort you out.

DairyTech South can supply Grundfos, DAB, Davey & Calpeda Pumps, to name but a few.


DairyTech South stock pressure tanks, plumbing fittings from Hansen and Marley, Tanks, and pressure gauges & switches.
So if that pump won't start or won't stop. If there's a serious plumbing leak or the water runs very slow, call DairyTech South. We may very well have a solution for you.

DairyTech South can also supply and install dosing and water filtration solutions.