Milking Machines

DairyTech South service Milking Machines & are agents for Read Milking Systems which are a well recognised NZ made quality brand. They stock a large selection of parts to keep you Milking everyday.

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Read Miling Systems

We only use top Brands:
Read Milking Systems

Read Slide Pulsator:

The Read Slide Pulsator is simple, reliable & is designed to give years of trouble free service. The pulsator has been modified to suit the larger dairies of today. Available in 4+0 and 2+2 configuration for both Herringbone and Rotary dairies and are available in 3 pipe sizes, 2", 2 1/2", & 3". These pulsators are able to be flushed with wash water and are unaffected by variations of temperature or vacuum level.

Read Circuit Wash System:

All of the Read 3" & 4" milklines are equipped with the Read patented circuit wash system which is second to none in its simplicity and operation. With a single butterfly valve on the milkline, the valve is open for milking and closed for washing (it's that simple).

Read Plate Heat Exchanger:

Reads industrial & standard plate heat exchanger can be wall or floor mounted and are sized to suit your system. Double bank models are available to utilse a secondary closed circuit cooling system to lower the milk temperature further.

Read Milk Filter:

Reads 6" Milk Filters are able to be mounted top or bottom loading and incorporate Reads unique cap and clamping system which is very user friendly. Available in two sizes that can be fitted in two banks of two or more for larger herd sizes.

Read Automatic Cup Removers

Most new dairies are being installed with automatic cup removers. Reads have available an electronic ACR complete with the Read Nylon bail retention gate. They come with Quick Start Feature, Kick off Alert, Air Sweep and Fully Adjustable Parameters.

We believe the quality and operation Read ACRs is second to none. They are becoming very popular with farmers as they can save a labour unit or two.